There was once a boy called Lucas. He had blonde spiky hair and green eyes. Lucas was 11 years old. He was siting in school at his boring brown desk listening to his boring teacher (well not really he was staring into the blue). As he was looking out the window a whole load of rain poured down. He turned his head away and started to scribble in his book. His teacher looked round the room she saw him scribbling in his book. His teacher walked over and stared at him. Of course he had no idea for that he was drawing rubbish in his book. "Lucas Lucas Lucas detention it looks like". Lucas gulped. "You do know we have changed subject its math and what does that mean Lucas". The teacher was about to hit him with a ruler when he got up picked up his pencil case and ran to the class he swithched for math with. He loved math much more than writing class all be cause of his teacher. Miss Eliot. Miss Eliot had brown eyes and grey short hair she never really did smile. When he arrived he sat down at his desk straight away and concertrated very hard well tryed. As writing down his math a rainbow appered. He was very excited to see a rainbow. He got out of his chair ran to the window and smiled out the window."WOOOOOOW this is so cool". His friend Cameron Mittchell said "its not that cool we nearly see them every day". Cameron had no idea that Lucas had just moved from Australia and had not seen many rainbows. His math teacher said "please sit down Lucas".Lucas sat down at his desk finished his math and waited to be reeleased for recess. Recess was around halfway through now and Lucas and Cameron were swinging on the swing at their playground "hey Cam do you ever wonder what is really at the end of a rainbow" Lucas asked. "No I don't really need to I already know". "Well then can you tell me" "it's a lephricon of course". Dinnnnnng "lets go". Recess was now over and the last subject today was topic